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''Suspended Animation''

Just as soon as I get things together in life
then I'll do all those things I want to
I'm just waiting for things to get better in life
so I can make all my wishes come true

But the days come and go much too quickly in life
I progress but I'm never quite there
I remain in a state of stark fear towards life
all my days seem suspended in air

Seems I spend the time waiting and miss out on this life
delaying all my "now" moments til "then"
I forsake precious days and then curse at this life
Asking "Why not now?" "If not now, when?"

But it can't stay this way now forever in life
this I said and I thought it was true
But it will 'til I learn that the secret of life
is that dreams come to life when I do!

So get up off your "buts" and meet head on with life
from time's passage no one can long hide
no you can't stop the clock by delaying your life
for it's true time will not be denied

As I was writing today's inspiration, I came across this excerpt from a book entitled The Seven Stories of Love: And How To Choose Your Happy Ending by Marcia Millman. It provided another perspective on the very concept I was writing about.

"Many avoiders of love were hurt before and don't want to risk being hurt again; postponers unconsciously equate making a commitment with aging and death; cynics focus only on their partners' flaws instead of looking within themselves and seeing that they are projecting their own self-hatred....People who postpone and avoid love commitments are often living in a state of suspended animation--they are not moving forward but are often frozen in a time of their past. They believe that by delaying a commitment, they have stopped the clock. But....while they put things on hold, time passe[s] them by. Instead of preserving life, they los[e] it.

For people like this to change and open themselves to love, they must have a powerful shock that makes them see that it's really now or never. As long as people are comfortable living with the defenses they've constructed, they don't have any motivation to change and they'll live as if they have forever. Only those who find the courage to risk love, with all its dangers, truly gain life and a kind of immortality."

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Walt's Life Rhyme #191
(Suspended Animation)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-25-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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