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''How To Handle The Doubts''

Dear Walt:
My question to you is how do you maintain your motivation and excitement when you encounter frustrating obstacles? How do you remove the doubt about whether this is the right direction on those mornings when you wake up and the first thought that jumps into your mind is "Am I crazy?"....if you know what I mean? There are several of us that are out on their own...and we all struggle with that issue.
-- Doubtful in Savannah

The truth, Dear Doubtful, is that there are no real doubts that I encounter, just frustrations and tests of my patience. You see, I believe that every problem has a solution, every journey has a destination, and that the only way to find it is to keep looking. I believe that my destiny is not in the hands of anyone but me and my creator, so I never doubt that I can accomplish my goals. Once I made the decision to pursue my passion, the question became not "is this the right direction?", but "what do I need to make this happen?" In other words, I only ask "when?" not "if?"

The commitment was already made way at the beginning. The ups and downs are just part of the journey. I can't tell you why I believe this, or what series of events in my life conspired to give me this perspective, but I know that it is what keeps me going forward even through the setbacks, the evictions, the credit challenges, etc., (see Turn Your Passion Into Profit for my full story) that I went through during my journey.

But, as a result of your question, I started asking myself, "What is it that makes me this way?"

Maybe it's because I got encouragement at an early age for my accomplishments and therefore don't believe that there's any test that I can't master if I try hard enough.

Maybe it's because I'm prepared to fall without shame (I gave up the ego a long time ago. In fact, it's first thing that needs to go if you're serious about becoming wealthy.)

Maybe it's because I'm a control freak who is fanatically driven to be in control of my life, and will settle for nothing less.

Maybe it's because I get physically sick if I have to work in a corporate environment, and decided long ago that I wouldn't remained trapped in the corporate world.

Maybe it's because I have a fear of mediocrity that won't allow me to settle for being an "also ran."

Maybe it's all these things, or none of them. I may never know the answer. What I DO know is that going back was never an option. Giving up my ultimate goal of freedom is not an option. Neither is giving up the desire to help others do the same.

I wonder how many people will really believe that it's within their power to change the outcomes they've been creating, and give themselves something different?

No doubt there'll be doubts
as you build your dreams, but
avoid second guessing
just measure and cut

Commit to the journey
do it once in advance
then always keep striving
leave nothing to chance

For roadblocks don't mean
that the journey has ended
and spirit that's broken
can always be mended

When obstacles come
don't lose faith in your goal
when the ride becomes bumpy
simply tighten your hold

Commitment to outcome
precedes all success
and once convinced of your goals
daily doubts become less!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #182
(How To Handle The Doubts)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-23-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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