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''Interested? & I Must Have Missed That Day''

I need to know who's interested
so I can make a move
If I only knew the cues and tips
successes might improve

I've noticed when there's interest
that they sometimes make the call
but then they'll stop and wait for days
so I can't use that at all

So then I thought I'd make the call
and see who calls me back
"pursuer makes the calls", I'm told
"don't rail against this fact"

I've learned that if they're open
that I'll be allowed to touch
but then they'll pull back
claiming that they're not inclined to such

Some tell me that in dating
that the man should always pay
trade dollars for affection?
hmmm...is that the game we play?

Then, even if they SAY "I am",
minds change one day to next
consistency is not the norm
I end up feeling vexed

So tell me once again, dear friend
(it doesn't have to rhyme)
how do I know who's interested
so I don't waste my time?

...sometimes I feel as if "I Must Have Missed That Day"

I missed that day the teacher said
"Ok, class, settle down!"
Today you learn your roles in life,
so please now gather 'round

The dating game is easy
once you know just what's expected
if not, you'll just keep striking out
and risk feeling rejected

Your roles as boys and girls are these:
pursuer and pursued
he opens doors, he pays the bill
she cleans and cooks the food

He'll be the one to ask her out
she'll be demure and shy
You listening you there in the back?
No Johnny, don't ask why"

It seems most learned the dos and don'ts
much earlier in life
well on their way to find and be
that nice husband or wife

but those of us who missed that day
quite often feel like fools
how thrilling it must be to know
the game and all its rules

COMMENTARY: The quandary continues....

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Walt's Life Rhyme #168
(Interested? & I Must Have Missed That Day)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 12-15-2000
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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