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''What if?''

What if that sense of emptiness
is not based on fact at all
and help and love are waiting
and all you have to do is call?

What if the rejection
is just all in your own mind
and folks are not all evil
but are mostly good and kind?

What if all their actions
are not really out of hate
but caused by thoughts arising
from a confused and fearful state?

What if all the doors that slammed
were just not yours yet to explore
and opportunities await you
with more abundance yet in store?

What if all the barriers
are really there for your own good
and someone's keeping you safe and sound
like a guardian angel should?

What if the delays
are no real reason for alarm
but interventions from above
that keep you free from harm?

What if all the pain you feel
is just a passing thing
and makes you that much stronger
and has lessons it could bring?

What if that winding gauntlet
were really fans lined up for miles
who wait the chance to cheer you on
and shower you with smiles?

And what if your perspective
is what decides your every day
what changes could you make
if you just see things a different way?

This just about sums up my entire philosophy of life from where I now stand. Choosing to accept the "what if" is the universal challenge. For in the acceptance of what might be, we give up the comfort of who we are, and face the uncertainty and vulnerability of who we wish to become. And we battle with the other "what if" and ask ourselves, "But what if I lose?" "What if they're really rejecting me?" "What if there's really no one there for me?" Well, there's no right or wrong. There are simply choices to make. Some choices will be easy. Some will be hard. Make the choice of which "what if" will rule your every day by choosing the "what if" that empowers YOU and those you love. Don't ever give your power away. Now, read Inspiration #163 again and see what parts of your life each verse may apply to and where you can benefit by adopting a different perspective! --Walt

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Walt's Life Rhyme #163
(What if?)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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