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''But That's What I Heard''

It happens quite often that I'll get a compliment or some words of praise from friends or strangers and then hours later can't remember what they actually said. Seems I turn a deaf ear to compliments since I never learned how to accept them as true. Or sometimes during a conversation, I'll interpret something someone says in one (negative) way, only to find out that they meant it in an entirely different (often complimentary) way. Are you the same way? Do you brush off, act undeserving of or nullify good tidings? If you hear a statement that might have a dual interpretation, or if you miss a few words in a conversation, do you often fill in the blanks the way you think things are, or have always been for you?

Well, from now on (especially in your close relationships), learn to REALLY hear, accept and believe the compliments and praise people offer you, and learn how to REALLY listen to what that special person is saying so that they won't have to say:

What I meant and said was this, my dear
too bad you didn't hear it
it's not what you now think at all
I'd never say that, I swear it

I thought I said it plain as day
perhaps I wasn't clear
or perhaps you simply heard again
the thing that you most fear

I'll tell it to you once again
don't let your ears deceive
but listen without bias now
and try hard to believe

I said that I would never leave
until the end of time
you heard that I was bound to go
it's just a matter of time

I said I think you're special
and that others can't compete
You heard that there are others
and already fear defeat

It's funny how you heard the words
despite their best intentions
to fit the world you've always known
the world of your invention

No words of mine are ever meant
to limit, harm or slay
but think what it may say of YOU
if YOU hear them that way!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #160
(But That's What I Heard)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-20-2000
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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