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''Casting Spells''

The much anticipated sequel to Insp #149 ("What Are You Rehearsing?") Once you accept that what you tend to rehearse has power to create your daily life scenes, the next logical step in your growth is to use that power to create the outcomes of your choosing. How do you do that? Well, it's called...Casting Spells..

For all our lives unconscious
but now it's time to take control
You think there's no such thing as magic?
Well, just forget what you've been told

Casting spells is easy,
so let the lesson now begin
Have anything you wish for
but it must first exist within

Choose someone of your obsession
or one you think stands in your way
What words would make your dreams come true?
What would you love to hear them say?

Next script the words exactly
As a playwright writes a play
Then feel the way that you would feel
And practice what you'd say

Now do this often every day
at day's dawn and at the close
In time the words will find their home
expressed by whom you chose

The secret's that your thoughts
awaken thoughts in others too
(So who's to say your actions
are not another's thoughts of you?)

And know that this will always work
in no uncertain terms
For every word that's spoken
will create what it affirms

No magic wand, enchanted brew
or potions you need sell
Just focussed thoughts with feeling
casts the world under your spell!

Neville, one of my favorite authors, likens this to a radio transmission which start as words, are transformed into radio waves, finds a receiver tuned to the same frequency, and are then transformed back into the same words but now emanating from the receiver. The laws of the universe apply to all things. So whether for a business conquest, more customers, artistic recognition, investors, or for true romantic love, create the words that reflect your success, hear them being spoken in the voice of your partner, investor, customer, or other intended, and respond to them just as if you were engaged in a real conversation. Once these words are sent into the ether, know that they must, by law find their physical counterpart and objectify to the degree that your subject can see the same for themselves (ie. that they are tuned to the same frequency), and to the degree that you in fact are convinced of their reality.

So cast a spell by writing the script for your desired scene, and while you're at it, send this Inspiration to that one person or to as many people as you want to enchant!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #155
(Casting Spells)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 09-15-2000
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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