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''What Are You Rehearsing?''

What scenes do you rehearse each day
when idle thoughts prevail?
The power scenes in which you win
or ones in which you fail?

Is your mind wrapped up in "what if" thoughts
in practice for a fight?
Do butterflies abound inside
when you go to bed at night?

"Oh boy, I just can't wait 'til then,
Show her a thing or two!
And this is what I'll say to that!
And this is what I'll do!"

Rehashing scenes that have since passed
and what you should have said?
Or pining for a rematch
though the moment's gone and dead?

Instead of "no", "not", "never", "can't"
let's play a different game
Affirm "I have", "I will", "I can"
"I love you just the same"

The funny thing 'bout life is this
(and please take this to heart)
When you practice roles first in your mind
you often get to play the part!

So whether it's that expected call from a creditor, or that impending showdown with your boss or coworker, or the ugly upcoming scene between you and your significant other, think about how much time you spend affirming, reinforcing and practicing your lines for undesirable scenes. Consider how much strength you lose when you mentally "show up for the showdown", instead of putting your thoughts to better use.

Think about how much more productive and empowered you would be if you used the same energy instead to affirm the positive. It takes about the same amount of energy, you know, but will make your days much less stressfull! Try it!

But, if you feel you really need to be prepared for that scene, then here's a tip: plan what you'll say, and write it down so you won't forget. THEN spend the rest of the time rehearsing the IDEAL desirable scene; the one in which you have the money, the one where all goes well, the one where all is healed and everyone is happy. Steep your thoughts in THAT reality and notice how you feel today.

You may find that when you practice the success script in your mind, that you never have to use any other in real life.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #149
(What Are You Rehearsing?)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-04-2000
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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