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''The Missing Ingredient''

In love it seems I'm wanting
though I wait with hopes held high
Still nothing seems to come my way
and I've got to find out why

I expect the best in all I do
so why does love elude?
What change should I enact then
in my current attitude?

I'm happy in my business life
yes, that's where I have more
I expect, then GIVE, then wait and then
the sales come to my door

Perhaps the fact that love's not there
reflects on how I'm living
Perhaps in love I'm hoarding me
and am not truly giving

For when it seems you still don't get
the dreams for which you're meant
consistent acts of kindness
might be the missing ingredient!

Often, when I would compare my business life and my social life, there would be a great disparity and and imbalance between the two. What was I doing wrong? In both these areas of my life I have great expectations. (And I knew that expecting the best was the key to success!)

In both it seems I often wait for the appearance of my good. In one rewards come every day, while in another not as they should.

It then became clear to me that in my business ventures, I was constantly creating and giving of myself in ways that bent the universe in my direction. While in my personal relationships I wasn't creating (giving) with the same energy. At first the recipes seemed similar (expect, act and wait), but upon closer examination, I noticed there was a little extra ingredient (expect, act, GIVE and wait).

So, in which area of your life do you seem to waiting in vain? Perhaps you should try giving more to prime the universal pump!--Walt

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Walt's Life Rhyme #135
(The Missing Ingredient)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 04-28-2000
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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